Corporate Photography of Groups/Events

One of the areas of photography that I don’t talk much about is corporate photography. I’ve focused a bit more on this lately, and wanted to post up some photographs of corporate events I’ve photographed in the last year.

Corporate Photography

First off is a group of 80 people at a team building/retreat event last fall. I had about 5 minutes between the end of the morning session and lunch to get a big group photo of all event participants.

The key to success in these situations is to set up and do a lot of testing ahead of time. That way, when the people are ready, you can focus on getting everybody organized and getting your photographs.

Corporate Photography

Event Photography

More recently, I photographed an awards event, which included setting up to take headshots of folks for their marketing materials as well.

As usual, the key to success is a good set-up ahead of time, and keeping your battery-powered flashes from going to sleep. 🙂

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