Bluebonnets are Here!

Field of Bluebonnets

Spring in Texas can only mean one thing — hordes of people flood out to the Bluebonnets in their fields around Texas. Everywhere you’ll find people flocking to these gorgeous fields of blue to capture memories.

And so should you — contact me to schedule your bluebonnet session, for yourself, the family or the kids!

$79 for half hour “mini” session, $149 for hour long regular session.


Here are some photographs of my friend Alana from last year — she’s a wonderful soul who has done a lot of traveling.

Corporate Photography of Groups/Events

One of the areas of photography that I don’t talk much about is corporate photography. I’ve focused a bit more on this lately, and wanted to post up some photographs of corporate events I’ve photographed in the last year.

Corporate Photography

First off is a group of 80 people at a team building/retreat event last fall. I had about 5 minutes between the end of the morning session and lunch to get a big group photo of all event participants.

The key to success in these situations is to set up and do a lot of testing ahead of time. That way, when the people are ready, you can focus on getting everybody organized and getting your photographs.

Corporate Photography

Event Photography

More recently, I photographed an awards event, which included setting up to take headshots of folks for their marketing materials as well.

As usual, the key to success is a good set-up ahead of time, and keeping your battery-powered flashes from going to sleep. 🙂

Contact Me

If you or your company are in need of someone to photograph your corporate event, please contact me!

Trail of Lights Austin

I’m down to the last photos from 2014 — on the last day of the Trail of Lights in Austin, I snuck in to get some photos of both the ferris wheel (new this year) and the trail itself.

It was pretty neat, I ended up getting on the last ride of the Ferris Wheel, which allowed me a wonderful view of the trail in its entirety.

Trail of Lights

For an extra treat, here are some photos I took while vacationing in Colorado….


East Austin Studio Tour 2014

With another fall comes another year for EAST. The East Austin Studio Tour is an annual event in Austin, in which many of the small studios in east Austin open their doors to visitors, et cetera.

As with previous years, I tried to visit as many of the art studios as possible, focusing on the smaller/individual studios over the big group complexes. I haven’t made the final count, but from a cursory look at the map, I came pretty close to visiting them all.

And, as usual, I have a load of photographs from the two weekends that EAST was going on…..

East Austin Studio Tour

Anniversary Photos – The Megatrons

A few months ago, my friends (known as the Megatrons) asked me to come and photograph a party they were hosting on their one year anniversary to thank their friends who came together and helped make their wedding a success.

It was a wonderful morning, just the right weather for a lazy Saturday morning brunch with friends, good food and mimosas. The company was merry, many laughs were had and some good stories were told about that fateful (but joyous) day last year.

A few weeks later, they asked if we could go out and capture some anniversary photos. We went to the location of their engagement party (and secret wedding, gasp!), and the Hope Outdoor Gallery: