Corporate Event Photographer Austin

I tell stories.

Sometimes they are short.
Sometimes they continue long after I’m done.
Sometimes they’re mine.
More often, they are yours.

A picture is worth a thousand words — my goal is to tell millions of words worth of stories, a thousand words at a time.

I enjoy capturing moments that would otherwise have passed by unseen. Whether it’s the boy playing with his stuffed dog in the hallway during a wedding reception or the mother’s proud tears as her daughter graduates, these are all part of precious stories that the world should hear.

While I have a lot of my own stories, I love nothing more than to tell your story. Whether it’s a story of joy, sorrow, hard times, good times or just the daily grind, let me be your storyteller.
Even a portrait can convey a story: The strong corporate leader, the tender moments between a mother and her new-born, or the joy that an athlete gets from playing his sport.

The world is permeated by these stories. Let me tell yours.

— dominic