Next stop: Venice

I’m writing this from the ferry between Corfu and Venice – last night we took the bus to the town of Corfu (main city – as opposed to the island), and crashed overnight in a hotel near the docks.

This morning it was up at 5am to check in for the boat, which left at 7. It then headed to Igoumenitsa, before turning around and making the trip to Venice.

Everything is still doing well – we’re alive, my foot only bothers me a little (I should have noted earlier that I got a big blister, which then proceeded to crack open, etc… It’s kind of nasty, but only bothers me sometimes.)

Anyway, the tricky thing about this boat trip, was the fact that we only could make a “Deck fare” reservation. Then, once on the boat, we had to put down on a waiting list for the cabin upgrade. The upgrade was successful, btw.

I’ll hopefully have some pictures of the other “Deck fare” passengers… It’s interesting, much different from previous ferry rides, with people just sleeping anywhere possible.

Anyway, time is running out (to the tune of 1 EUR/10 minutes). I’ll hopefully write more later.